The Benefits of Bare Root Trees

If you’ve ordered trees from a nursery for fall planting, they may be delivered with natural bare roots, sometimes dipped in hydrating gel before shipment to keep the roots moist and healthy. Because their fibrous roots aren’t confined by soil or a container, their root systems become established easier in the warm soil and get off to a vigorous start in the spring because they adjust better to transplanting. Planting your trees in the fall when they are dormant is important because if the roots encounter heat or sun, they will emerge from dormancy and become stressed. Plant your trees as soon as they arrive to avoid the risk of buds opening up. Chicken wire or other supports will protect your seedling from snow load and damage from rabbits or mice who can chew through the bark. It’s important to keep your seedlings moist but not standing in water, and avoid fertilizing them, as this will kill young trees.

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