Lot Clearing

Residential or industrial, we will remove (clear cut) all trees, stumps, shrubs and vegetation needed to fully clear your lot. We have the right equipment to get the job done. Our 60-foot bucket truck, chipper, and ground crew can expertly handle the biggest residential jobs. We work with homeowners and general contractors to choose the trees that stay intact on your lot as part of your community’s urban forest planning. The health benefits of trees are well known including oxygen generation, soil stability, shade, wind protection, bird habitat and privacy.

The new trend in outdoor living integrates nature as we build decks around trees rather than cutting them down, and build homes that include natural elements to reduce carbon footprints. Unhealthy trees, and shrubs that are in the way of a new foundation can be removed to allow room for your new house, driveway and garden area. We all need sunlight to shine through our windows and onto the yard for ornamental shrubs and flowers we plant – another reason you may decide to remove trees off your lot before building.

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Lot Clearing – Removing Trees for Your New Home
Trained in WorkSafe procedures

Trained in WorkSafe procedures, and certified as arborists and utility arborists, our team is both skilled and experienced. We love working with trees – from native species to fruit trees and backyard ornamentals.

Stump Grinding

Stump removal is important for lot clearing, as they may be in the way of pipelaying and foundation planning. Stumps devalue property and impact the health of other trees by attracting fungi and becoming a habitat for insidious insects. Decomposing stumps harbour and spread disease to neighbouring shrubs and trees, but they are not easy to remove.

As part of our lot clearing service, we remove unsightly stumps in preparation for building. Stump removal includes grinding the stump into wood chips, removing debris and adding fresh soil if needed.

Stump removal
Brush Chipping

Brush Chipping

Chipping after trees and brush have been removed cleans the lot as a safe and efficient option to burning. Wood chips are environmentally friendly and can be used as mulch, supressing the growth of weeds, controlling erosion and adding carbon that conditions the soil. Chips can also be used as fuel. Our cleanup process is second to none as we guarantee client satisfaction throughout the entire lot clearing process.

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