Hazardous Tree Removal

Tree Removal After Storms - Safety First

Our fallers hold certificates in the BC Faller Training Standard (BCFTS). We consider the terrain and building proximities before falling the tree, and complete the task by chipping or removing debris. Our 60’ bucket truck enables us to complete complicated tree and branch removals from a height not possible from the ground. If a tree has fallen across power lines, you will need to hire a utility arborist for tree removal.

Utility arborists are highly trained to work around high wires. Only certified utility arborists and their apprentices are permitted by law to perform tree falling or branch removal in proximity to power lines. We work with municipalities, business owners and private homeowners when storms damage trees and push them onto lines, or have the potential to fall and damage property. Diseased trees become unstable structurally, making it necessary to have them professionally removed before they blow over onto rooftops and vehicles.

Tree Removal After Storms

Along with an extensive list of tree removal services, we work throughout the lower mainland and Thompson-Okanagan areas in BC. We provide affordable solutions in tree care, and emergency services, clearing the roadways and cleaning urban areas after storms blow down or damage trees.

It is also important to remove dead, dried wood on your property, as they can become seasonal fire hazards to urban communities. The Thompson-Okanagan is a semi-arid desert zone, and as we well know, forest fires are a concern during our hot, dry summers. Removing dry limbs and brush around your house can help protect against forest fires caused by lightning and human activity.

Hazardous Tree Removal
Trained in WorkSafe procedures

Trained in WorkSafe procedures, and certified as arborists and utility arborists, our team is both skilled and experienced. We love working with trees – from native species to fruit trees and backyard ornamentals.

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