There are many benefits to maintaining urban forests, including the preservation of wildlife habitat. Throughout the year, trees are home to migrating and native birds, essential for controlling troublesome pests like mice and invasive insects. This time of year brings temperatures dipping below zero, and the occasional snowfall, but locals can still hear the call of red wing blackbirds around lake and marsh zones, and the ever-present chickadees. Other common (and gorgeous) winter birds are Bohemian waxwings, Steller’s jays, and magpies. These birds harvest berries year ‘round and live off winter stashes, but they also eat the seeds of tree cones, and dispersing some for future growth. Raptors like rough-legged hawks and the Northern pygmy owls are commonly seen flying over farmland, keeping rodent populations in check.
If we take care of our trees and forests, we will continue to enjoy healthy bird populations in BC. Our passion is taking care of the urban forests in Southwest BC. We serve homeowners, landlords, strata groups, and municipalities.

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To serve our clients professionally, Twin Rivers is fully certified with full WCB coverage, liability and a BC Safe Certificate. Our team consists of certified fallers, utility arborists and bucket truck operators offering tree services from tree assessments and pruning to landscaping.
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