Once again, another holiday season has arrived. Here’s a few tips from your local experts in the tree care industry to help you choose and take care of your Christmas tree.
Selecting Your Tree: Douglas Fir are easy to find and have gorgeous soft green needles. Fir trees are sweetly scented and rarely drop needles unless they run out of water. Blue Spruce have silvery blue needles and symmetrical tree shape. Blue Spruce is a good choice for heavy ornaments because of their strong stiff branches. Pine trees with their long soft needles are chosen for their festive scent.
Watering Your Tree: You won’t want to put your tree up near heat sources like heating vents or fireplaces, because this is a safety hazard, and secondly, your needles will dry and fall off early. If you’ve purchased a pre-cut tree, cut an extra inch off the bottom of the trunk for better water uptake. Once the tree is in the stand, fill the water reservoir, and keep an eye on the water level, as your tree may go through three to four liters a day.
Cat Proof Your Tree: Covering the trunk with tinfoil may help avoid a climbing habit, and hang your decorations further up the tree out of their reach to avoid the temptation to play with bulbs and lights. Placing your tree away from furniture they may use to jump onto the branches and placing your tree in a sturdy tree stand will help avoid accidents.
Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping wishes you all the best for a happy holiday season.

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