Food producing dwarf varieties that thrive in containers include banana, oranges, lime, and fruit trees. They look great as additions to hard landscaping features like extended decks, pergolas and stone-paved sitting areas. Beyond providing nutrition, they bloom, have a delicious scent and grow attractive deep green foliage. Terra cotta pots work well for these gorgeous little trees, with drainage holes, and soil enhanced for good aeration with agricultural grit (chicken grit also works well), peat and organic matter. Each tree needs its own set of standards for care, but full or at least partial sun and a regular dose of seaweed fertilizer works well to keep them healthy and producing blooms or fruit. If you like the look of dwarf hardy banana trees but want it to produce fruit, plant a variety called cavendish. Many small hardy banana trees will not produce fruit, they are used for decorative purposes only.
If you like citrus trees (love the smell!) try a Dwarf Meyer Lemon or Calamondin Orange tree. Hand picking fresh berries is always fun for the kids, and Top Hat Dwarf Blueberry bushes are a popular choice for the abundance of antioxidant rich blueberries and thick foliage they produce.
Your favourite dwarf varieties are apple trees? They are easy to grow and because apples are so tasty in smoothies, baked turnovers, pies, jelly, jam and juice, they are uber popular on urban decks and sunrooms. They’ll take a bit of pruning for general maintenance, and limb support as they produce heavy fruit, but generally, they are easy to care for with gorgeous blossoms in April and early May.

Dwarf apple varieties that grow well in containers include:

  • Gala
  • Jonagold
  • Cox
  • Pink Lady
For cherry trees, try planting Nanking Dwarf Cherry, Lapins, Stella, or Sunburst. They are very hardy, easy to grow, and provide one of the most popular fruits for jelly makers. Take them inside the sun room for the winter, or store them in your greenhouse until spring. Some will need to be wrapped until spring when temperatures return to above zero. A little research goes a long way when choosing rare dwarf varieties, and you will enjoy their blooms, greenery and produce for years to come.

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