Goodbye 2020, hello to a new year. It’s time once again to take down holiday decorations and remove the indoor Christmas tree. Artificial trees have their own recycling demands, and it’s best to call your recycling depot for recommended disposals. Natural trees are being recycled at local municipal sites (read about specific drop-off stations on your municipal website) and chipped or disposed of by other means. One consideration is to keep your tree around until spring, then have it chipped to use for mulch or weed control. Mulch retains moisture so you don’t have to water as often and creates healthy soil for a food web by breaking down and adding nutrients to the soil. Keeping your tree in the back yard until spring provides habitat and shelter for birds and a place to rest while they visit your feeder. If the tree has pine cones, this is ready-to-eat food for squirrels and birds. In spots where the snow is shallow and the weather suddenly delivers a cold snap, these discarded trees shelter wild and sensitive flowers. Some communities have customized solutions to Christmas tree recycling, including donations to zoos and game reserves and erosion control. Call your local recycling depot with your ideas if you have come up with a new solution to Christmas tree recycling that is eco-friendly and beneficial to the community.
Of course, if you have decorated an outdoor tree this year, we salute you! All you have to do is remove the decorations on your own time schedule. Outdoor LED lights look great any time of year on your backyard trees, so you’re already enjoying the view without the stress of disposal.
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