You’ve already chosen your fav Christmas tree from the tree farm, hauled it home on top the SUV with the kids in the back cheering with glee, and decorated it with treasures carefully pulled from storage. You may be wondering how to keep your tree fresh, so the needles don’t dry out too fast and keep their amazing natural scent. Like any live plant that has just been cut, Christmas trees need water and can drink up to a gallon a day. Your tree stand should hold enough water to refresh twice a day for two weeks and once a day after that until it’s removed. You can help your tree drink more water by cutting about two inches off the trunk when you first bring it home, then immediately placing it in water. If you’ve voted for an outdoor Christmas tree this year, there’s nothing you need to do except decorate with outdoor lights. By spring, your tree will still be alive and begin to bud with new growth.
Merry Christmas from Twin Rivers Tree & Landscaping. From our family to yours, all the best through the Christmas break and on into a new year.
Call us if you need emergency tree services, even through the holiday season. We work hard to keep our community safe, and often get call-outs after winter storms. Our fallers are trained to remove cracked and broken limbs before they damage your roof, and our utility arborists can remove hazardous trees that have fallen across power lines. Only certified utility arborists are legally permitted to work with hazardous trees in proximity to power lines.