Planning on building a new home this spring? Now is the time for lot clearing! While temperatures are near or below zero, the ground is solid, supporting excavation equipment and allowing us to clear trees and stumps without stirring up mud. While groundwater or surface water is frozen, runoff is lower so your soil is less disturbed. Another perk to winter lot clearing is your trees are dormant this time of year with less foliage to remove and work through while clearing, and damaged branches can be pruned effectively for tree health.

Protecting Trees During Construction

It’s important to protect healthy mature trees during construction and plan for further planting. Mark, or ribbon off the trees you want to keep intact, and we will work around them, falling neighbouring trees and clearing brush to keep them protected. Pre-planning starts long before house construction begins, so by now you will know where you want the driveway and where the general boundaries are for your foundation and deck. If your deck plans intrude into the territory of one of your favourite trees, consider leaving the tree intact and building your deck around it. Protecting tree roots is possible by posting “protect root zone” signs or adding more fencing. Check city bylaws for details on provincially protected trees on your lot such as arbutus, western white pine, Pacific yew and western red cedar. Protecting healthy trees in urban areas is also vitally important for wildlife habitat.

Our Lot Clearing Services in Kamloops and the Fraser Valley

Whether you are a general contractor, land developer, or private landowner, we invite you to contact us for our site clearing services. We clear land for housing and agricultural development, with a passion for maintaining a natural balance to keep room for urban forests. Our team has all the certifications and experience necessary so you get the results you want, no matter how large or small the project.
Included in our lot preparation services:
  • Urban Forest Planning and Consulting
  • Tree Falling
  • Utility Arborist Services (for falling and trimming around powerlines)
  • Brush and Branch Chipping
  • Debris Removal
  • Stump Grinding

Contact Us

For professional tree pruning for safety, contact Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping in Kamloops (250) 851-1121, Sechelt/Gibsons (604) 989-0588 or Abbotsford (604) 989-0588. Our staff is professionally certified as fallers, utility arborists and bucket truck operating and WorkSafe.
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