The eastern provinces are well known for sugar maples that produce our famous Canadian maple syrup, but did you know that here in Southwest BC, we have our own species of sap producing maple? Big leaf maples are a medium sized tree that grow to about 30 meters. Besides the sap that can be harvested for syrup, the wood is used for furniture, flooring and musical instruments. Maple wood is also used in smokers to add a rich flavour to meat, so there’s value in the branches removed by pruning. Nutritional requirements for these maple trees are high and can be managed by adding supplements to the soil when needed.
Red Sunset Maple Trees are a popular choice for their spectacular fiery red foliage in late fall. The tree produces typical two-winged samaras (helicopter) seed pods that spin to the ground when released. Like all maple trees, the health of Red Sunsets depends on the amount of sun, food and water it receives and how much stress the tree is under from lack of nutrients, pests, and weather conditions. These trees are cold hardy and heat resistant for providing shade islands. Perfect for lawn planting.

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