Based out of Kamloops, Gibsons and Abbotsford, our local landscapers are available to help you create a comfortable outdoor space for your home or place of business. Functional green space provides destressing areas where staff can get outside away from their screens or work stress. Even a small commercial space can be turned into a sitting area with zone-tough trees and seasonal plants. As we move toward an eco-friendly model of living, we will continue to develop green areas for healthy urban and city living.

Landscaping Services in Kamloops

In 2016, Kamloops was first in the province to become a bee city. As a community, we are interested in actively creating bumble bee habitats in metro settings along with protecting and maintaining natural areas. Our climate ranges between zone 3 at higher elevations to zone 6 at the valley bottom. The banks along the Thompson River are hilly with sandy soil and spectacular agricultural terraces that invite full sun into landscapes. Because our team is local, we understand the soil, plants, trees and irrigation needs throughout our region. Any plot of land can be successful as a green space with the correct combinations of planting, watering and tree care.
  • Tree pruning
  • Lot clearing
  • Hedge planting
  • Fence and deck building

Landscape Services in Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley

The plant hardiness zone in the Fraser Valley is a zone 8. Zones alter by altitude, soil aeration, bodies of water, air currents, and surrounding structures. An incredible zone 8 allows for possibilities in private gardening and landscaping from caring for centuries old mature trees, to planting a dizzying array of flowering plants and shrubs. Native plant gardening and tree conservation are in the plans of many homeowners this year. We invite you to call us for a consultation on all your landscaping and treescape needs as we work within the community to plant, protect and preserve the natural beauty of the valley.
  • Landscaping with native plants
  • Hedge planting and trimming
  • Commercial green space development
  • Utility arborist services
  • Crown reduction for mature trees

Phone: (250) 851-1121


Fraser Valley tree services:

  • Phone: (604) 989-0588
  • (Abbotsford, Gibsons and the surrounding region)