It’s that time of year again, when the harvest season brings exceptional colour to our forests and the air is aromatic and easy to breathe. Now’s the time to prepare your trees for winter snowfall, wind and storms that bring colder temperatures across Southcentral BC. Every tree has its own natural form that helps them cope with environmental stressors. Healthy coniferous and deciduous trees do not necessarily need pruning, but when branches reach over powerlines and rooftops, they should be cut back for safety, before snow load or wind breaks them off. If the trees in your yard are close to buildings and appear to be dying or are already stressed by natural factors, we can assess the health of the tree, recommend solutions to keeping them, or advise they be removed for safety reasons. Cutting your mature trees is only a last resort, and in many situations, there are measures we can take to get those gorgeous old trees back to health, but trees, like every living thing, have a lifespan. Once we remove hazardous trees, we’ll completely clean up the debris so you can plan for next year’s planting.

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Our tree fallers are professionally trained to remove trees without damaging proximity buildings, and we have the equipment needed to safely remove high branches around powerlines. We invite you to call us to discuss our professional tree falling services. Contact Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping in Kamloops (250) 851-1121, Sechelt/Gibsons (604) 989-0588 or Abbotsford (604) 989-0588.
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