Pruning Trees for Fall-Safety

Did you know? Every year, considerable damage is done to residential roofs and other private property by falling tree branches. Every tree has its own natural form to maintain for aesthetics and proper growth. These characteristic shapes help tree species cope with environmental issues like weather, soil and wind. Healthy coniferous and deciduous trees do not necessarily need pruning, but when branches reach over powerlines and rooftops, they should be cut back for safety. Only a certified utility arborist is legally allowed to work around powerlines, so if your trees are overreaching, call us to book our utility arborist services. We work with municipalities, and road maintenance contractors to keep powerlines clear, but we also work with private home and landowners to keep property safe from falling branches and trees. If you find broken branches, they should be pruned off before disease sets in and spreads to neighbouring trees. It is important to note that improper pruning can eventually kill off your gorgeous mature trees by allowing disease or insect infestations. This in turn, weakens the tree, causing more safety hazards. Hiring an experienced professional for your tree services is often your best solution.

Pruning Trees for Fire Suppression

Planting fire resistant species such as Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir are part of any firesafe plan. Pruning your trees to nix wildfires on your property includes removing dead and dying branches. This removes potential dry fuel while encouraging new green growth, a natural fire suppressant. Prune off low growing branches to keep grass and ground fires from moving up into tree tops where flames jump through the canopy. Crown fires are extreme risk events because they are higher off the ground where wind ignites the flames and they are harder to reach by land based firefighting crews. Remembering defensible space when planting and hiring a professional arborist for upper crown reduction or spiral thinning for large trees increases spacing and prevents crown fires.
For professional tree pruning for safety, contact Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping in Kamloops (250) 851-1121, Sechelt/Gibsons (604) 989-0588 or Abbotsford (604) 989-0588.