Planting for Water Conservation

Planting native species is another way to conserve water through the summer months. If you are living on the west coast of BC in Sechelt or Gibsons, you will have higher rainfall than the semi-arid desert zone of Kamloops and your native plant species will differ, but watering restrictions still apply. Planting your lawn with native flowers will add colour and hardiness, and provide food for butterflies, honeybees bumblebees and hummingbirds. In Kamloops and the surrounding area, native species that thrive in backyard landscapes include pine trees, Oregon grape, wild currant, elderberry, and wild roses. Although not native to the area, lavender is becoming an urban favourite for its vivid colour, desert hardiness and aromatherapy benefits. To add a little silver highlight to your collection, plant rabbitbrush or sagebrush. Varieties to plant in higher rainfall zones of the Fraser Valley and Sechelt/Gibsons area include indigenous ferns, western red cedar, Sitka spruce trees, and willows. Whether we have a cool rainy spring and early summer like this year, or the season turns hot and dry, native species are resilient and add flavour and wildlife habitat to urban settings.


Healthy green lawns are visually stunning, but the challenge is they are heavy on water consumption and high-maintenance. Plant a small lawn in the shady side of the house to preserve water and protect it from scorching under the summer sun, and consider xeriscaping. Xeriscapes in combination with rock walls and terracing have become the new trend in landscape design and we can help you with a professional consultation. Especially helpful for commercial grounds and strata developments, xeriscapes not only conserve potable water reserves, but create virtually maintenance free zones while adding curb appeal to the property. We invite managers and developers to contact us to inquire about our landscaping services.

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The professionals at Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping can help you develop your landscaping plan, from the initial stage of lot clearing to planting new trees, hedges and building rock walls. When planned well, your new back yard will not only enhance your property value, but provide a comfortable outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

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