Hard landscaping, or hardscaping, uses the heavy-duty components of landscaping such as stone, masonry, brick, and wood. Hardscaping includes landscape architecture and the construction of solid outdoor furniture and popular backyard-paradise additions like pergolas and stone sitting areas. Think decks, fences and stone walls that provide privacy and make the best use of backyard living space so you can enjoy your off-work time at home with family and entertaining friends. Hard landscaping creates functional greenspace for commercial entities and business owners in the downtown core. As a central part of cityscapes, nature centric designs help us maintain mental health with destressing, restful areas for employees, tourism, and passers-by.
Hardscaping increases property value. Add a pergola with lighting, a natural stone pathway leading into the English garden, or new wood deck with a view, and you will increase home value. Whether you’re buying or selling, back yards designed correctly with custom hardscapes, even in a small space, can cut urban noise substantially while adding beauty and livability for your family. Value may be monetary if you’re selling, but if you plan on staying in your home for some time while you raise a family, the value may be environmental, where your children can play and grow safely. The destressing affects of a well designed back yard also adds value to lifestyle, while inviting local wildlife into your space for added enjoyment.

Hard Landscaping Services in Kamloops

Because our team is local, we understand the soil, plants, trees and hard landscaping needs throughout our region. Based out of Kamloops, Gibsons and Abbotsford, our local landscapers are available to help you create a comfortable outdoor space for your home or place of business in Southwest BC. See our GALLERY page for photos of recent projects and some inspiration on how you may want to develop your property.
Our hard landscaping services include:
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Pergolas
  • Stone Walkways
  • Stunning Decks for Entertaining
  • Hot Tub Decks
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Sound Barriers
Our professional landscaping team is not limited to this list. If you have a project in mind, we invite you to call us for a friendly no-obligation chat on what we can do for you.
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Call Twin Rivers Tree Services and Landscaping for a project consultation. We love talking about trees, taking care of urban forests and removing hazardous and fallen trees to keep communities safe. Don’t hesitate to call us for emergency tree services this winter if you need our help. We are conveniently located in Kamloops, Sechelt and the Fraser Valley.