The Health Benefits of Urban Trees

Planning, planting and caring for trees in an urban environment benefits us in so many ways. Trees are beautiful to look at when they are in bud or full leafy green. As a main feature in local parks, trees add to an appealing outdoor space for recreation and physical activity or to rest and destress from hectic schedules. As a whole, urban forests clean the air we breathe by absorbing pollutants and improving air quality. As the lungs of our environment, they emit oxygen while removing tiny chemical particles like industrial windblown metals, dust and acids. While we continue to adapt and alter behaviour to reduce carbon emissions, trees contribute to our fight against climate change. They reduce temperatures by creating shaded areas and cool buildings, and keep homes warmer in the winter by protecting us against wind, thereby reducing energy consumption. In the summertime, lower temperatures can decrease harmful pollutants like ground level ozone on hot days. As shade providers, they reduce water consumption on cooler lawns. They are a filter for road dust and vehicle emissions, which is especially important for families living in close proximity to roadways.
Trees in urban environments protect us against erosion. They reduce stormwater runoff, improve water filtration and store water in their root systems for future uptake. Urban forests provide wildlife habitat, preserve and promote biodiversity. Birdwatching is just one of many activities that enrich our experience in urban forests, but the trees that provide food for wildlife can also be a food source for us. Many species of nut and fruit trees grow very well in Southcentral BC, including walnut and hazelnut. Trees boost property value, create attractive commercial districts and improve recreation and quality of life for locals while encouraging tourism by attracting visitors to our community.

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