British Columbia’s Official Tree

The above photo taken near Tofino BC, proves how large the Western Redcedar can grow. As pictured, mature trees can reach soaring heights of 60 meters with broad weight bearing trunks. They grow in nutritious moist soil in forests along the coast and wet belt of the interior (Kootenay region) accompanied by hemlock, Douglas-fir and spruce trees. They tolerate shade very well and can live a staggering 1,000 years. As a shade canopy, you can expect to find ferns, wild berry shrubs, and moss growing on the forest floor under their protection.
The Redcedar is culturally valuable to coastal people who use the wood for dugout canoes, building, and artistic pieces like masks and paddles. The inner bark can be peeled in long strips to make rope, and the tree provides many types of medicine.
Interestingly, the Latin name for our Western Redcedar is arbor-vitae, meaning “Tree of Life.”

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