Although there are literally 7.9 billion reasons to save the planet’s trees, we’ve listed here what could be termed as the top three.
1. Breathing. Trees are the lungs of the planet, purifying the air and giving us the oxygen, we breathe. Planting and protecting trees as much as we can in deforested areas and urban environments, traps and absorbs cardon dioxide from the atmosphere to resist climate change. Forests are also air conditioners that regulate temperature by cooling the earth under their shade where sensitive plants and shrubs can take root.
2. Eating. Trees supply us with an abundance of food. As a food source, we have fruit – cherries, bananas, mangoes, apples, and all because of fruit trees. Nut trees produce walnuts and hazelnuts in abundance in BC’s nut farms. Fruit and nut trees need extensive maintenance for healthy crop production, and growing just a few in your back yard can yield food for your family when fresh off the tree, preserved, or dried.
3. Enjoying life. Trees sustain wildlife, both flora and fauna, and add beauty and enjoyment to our lives. What would our parks be like without trees and the wildlife surrounding them? We can’t imagine. It’s worth the time and effort taking care of our trees.

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