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We Offer a Full Range of Tree Services- including Tree Pruning, Small Bush Shaping & Hedge Trimming

Since 2008, our certified arborists have prided themselves on offering superior service, and delivering excellent results. Our tree care services extend throughout the Fraser Valley, including emergency service 24×7, 365 days a year. Fully licensed, insured and accredited, our arborists focus on safety and fostering positive relationships with our communities.

We Offer a Full Range of Tree Services- including Tree Pruning, Small Bush Shaping & Hedge Trimming

Tree Pruning

Limb breakage and disease in larger old growth trees can be avoided by regular pruning. Mature tree branches have a tendency to twist and cracks- particularly in fruit trees, where there is added weight on the branches.

Pruning your young trees from the get-go, rather than waiting until the tree shows signs of deteriorate, is vital for a tree’s health. Core health aside, pruning enhances the aesthetic appeal of trees by straightening growth and brightening foliage.

For our Abbotsford arborists, tree pruning can mean a variety of things. The Fraser Valley sees the need for a lot of clearance pruning, where branches or a tree’s structure may cause problems with power lines or obstruct windows. Structural pruning is taking a systematic approach, focusing on tree health with regular maintenance.

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is the methodical process of removing certain parts from trees, including branches, buds and roots. A tree may need to be shaped to its surroundings, or maintaining for long health.

What is tree pruning?
Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Hedge Trimming & Shaping

Abbotsford is home to a wide range of greenery, with many residential areas achieving a polished landscaped look all year around. Our arborists specialize in trimming and shaping hedges and shrubs to create the perfect look in your garden. Just like cutting hair, we do our work with skill and precision.

Our Abbotsford Arborists Offer Tree Care Throughout the Entire Fraser Valley

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