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We Offer a Full Range of Tree Services- including Tree Pruning, Small Bush Shaping & Hedge Trimming

Our certified arborists understand the local geography and tree specialties in this region. Our services range from urban gardening to tree pruning and removal in municipal parks. Twin Rivers Tree Services responds quickly when called in for emergencies after storms and floods, to help keep our community safe. We have utility arborists on staff with extensive training in working around power lines. Our 60-foot bucket truck allows us to reach high branches and wires to remove branches and manage tree crown reduction projects.

Dying or diseased trees should be removed immediately for two serious reasons – they cause falling hazards and spread disease to neighbouring healthy trees. If you suspect that trees on your property are affected by Mountain Pine Beetle or other infestations, call us for an assessment so we can mitigate the problem before they collapse onto adjacent structures.

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Tree Services in Kamloops
Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing

We work with general contractors and individual homeowners who are preparing for a new home build. Our site services include tree removals, stump grinding and brush chipping. We work through all seasons to prepare building sites for our customers. We can work in cold temperatures when trees are dormant and the frozen ground provides stability.

Hazardous Tree Removal in Kamloops

Twin Rivers goes beyond our local competitors by extending our tree services in Kamloops to take down trees or limbs that could damage your property. Consult with us if you have a concern about a mature tree on your property, and children and pets playing outside.

Hazardous Tree Removal in Kamloops

Our Kamloops Arborists Offer Tree Care Throughout the Entire Valley

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