Life is fast paced, even with lockdowns and social restrictions in these unusual times, and we often forget about the importance of the one plant that supplies so much beauty to urban landscapes: trees. Sometimes, it’s wise to take a little time, chill out, and smell the terpenes. But what are terpenes you ask?
Terpenes are natural agents produced predominantly by plants, in particular, conifer resins (sap). In a nutshell, terpenes create the pleasant smell you experience when you are up close to a tree. Some health experts believe that terpenes can alleviate depression, but it makes sense that a brisk walk in the forest inhaling fresh tree-filtered air, can in-itself, make us feel better. Terpenes are used to produce essential oils and fragrances in body care products.
Pinenes are terpenes found not only in pine trees, but rosemary, frankincense and cypress trees as well. They fill the room with that refreshing pine scent when we put up a Christmas tree. Some natural health care practitioners claim that pine essential oil has anti-inflammatory effects, easing skin conditions like eczema, and inflammatory pain caused by arthritis. Recent research suggests that pinene benefits oral health, immune and respiratory systems.

Taking Care of Trees Pays Off

Terpenes and pinenes are one more reason to protect and preserve both urban and wild forests. If you have pine trees on your property, now is the perfect time to assess and manage their health. Watch for signs of insect infestation, such as pine beetle, and cut low branches for next year’s fire suppression while the temperatures are low. You will also want to remove broken branches to prevent disease, and cut large branches hanging over power lines, eaves or your roof before they break off and damage property. Once the branches are cut, you can clip them to weave seasonal door wreathes or bough strands to decorate your home. We highly recommend calling us for tree management services, as these tasks can be dangerous. Safety first!
Call Twin Rivers Tree Services and Landscaping for a project consultation. We love talking about trees, taking care of urban forests and removing hazardous and fallen trees to keep communities safe. Don’t hesitate to call us for emergency tree services this winter if you need our help. We are conveniently located in Kamloops, Sechelt and the Fraser Valley.