Pruning at the right time of year is important for the health of your trees. Fresh sap can attract invasive insects that spread disease, but this time of year, insects are less active and there’s less sap in branches as the tree prepares for seasonal temperature lows. Pruning off dead or broken branches is important, as snow load can break them off, causing further damage. Another reason to remove branches, especially on larger trees, is for safety. Remove them if they are growing over roofs or sidewalks to reduce safety issues. If you discover the branches of your trees are growing into power lines, call us for utility arborist services. Only a certified utility arborist is legally allowed to work around powerlines, so if your trees are overreaching, call us to book our utility arborist services. We work with municipalities, and road maintenance contractors to keep powerlines clear, but we also work with private home and landowners to keep property safe from falling branches and trees.
Some pruning is best left for winter, or pre-thaw spring months, depending on the results you need to achieve for tree or orchard health. When pruning, consider tree health, species and structure to develop an individual plan. We can help you with that.

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To serve our clients professionally, Twin Rivers is fully certified with full WCB coverage, liability and a BC Safe Certificate. Our team consists of certified fallers, utility arborists and bucket truck operators. We offer a variety of services such as planting trees and shrubs, lower crown raising, upper crown reduction and general landscaping services.
Our passion is taking care of the urban forests in Southwest BC. If you are a general contractor, we invite you to call us for site clearing and landscaping. Contact Twin Rivers Tree Service and Landscaping in Kamloops (250) 851-1121, Sechelt/Gibsons (604) 989-0588 or Abbotsford (604) 989-0588.
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