Now is a great time to walk your property line to inspect your trees. Branches and the basic structure are easy to see without leaves, and it’ still a good time for cutting broken limbs because the sap is still down. Dying branches, if the tree is leaning, has exposed roots, or peeling bark, are all signs the tree is not healthy. Branches four to five meters off the ground can be removed with a pole pruner but higher branches that require climbing, ladders or bucket lifts require the services of a professional arborist. It is important to remove damaged tree limbs, but if a mature tree is at the end of its natural lifespan or damaged by disease, it may be time to remove it. Trees may look healthy on the outside, but contain rot inside, weakening the basic structure until it comes crashing down with wind or snow load. Arborists can assess how much decay is inside a damaged tree and stages of rot. If a tree is beyond saving and must be removed due to fall hazards, a professional tree service can safely fall and remove the debris.

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To serve clients professionally, Twin Rivers is fully certified with WCB coverage, liability, and BC Safe Certificates. Our team consists of certified fallers, utility arborists and bucket truck operators. We offer a variety of services such as tree assessments, dangerous tree removal, site preparation and landscaping. Our passion is taking care of the urban forests in Southwest BC. We serve homeowners, landlords, strata groups, and municipalities.
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