Well folks, unfortunately it looks like we’re headed for another wildfire summer. We are now under a provincial state of emergency as wildfires grow, forcing evacuations and alerts. There are several things you can do as a property owner to suppress the possibility of fire on your land. Remove hazardous trees – trees that are dead, diseased and dry can be removed to clear a fire boundary. Maintain a 1.5-meter zone around your buildings and keep debris, [including dead grass, mulch and brush] cleared out of this area. These trees are especially dangerous if they are close in proximity to your home or outbuildings where fire can spread. Our certified fallers completely remove the tree, including hauling the fallen debris. Our 60’ bucket truck allows us to safely reach crown heights not accessible by ground. Remove low growing branches from the trees in your yard so grass fires can’t ignite them and spread up the tree.

Remove fallen debris that can cause a fire hazard!

died trees
Fire travels faster up hill, so trees planted downward of your property create a hazard zone where situations develop more rapidly. Have an escape plan ready, and remove ground fuel that could lead to a forest fire spreading onto your property. Having firefighting tools such as shovels, rakes and garden hoses ready and available are also part of any good plan along with regular yard cleanups so fires don’t have access to fuel to keep burning.

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