The myth of Christmas trees dates back into antiquity but modern western culture still embraces this tradition as its own. Decorating outdoor back yard trees easily viewable from the living room window is popular with individuals wanting to preserve nature and reduce carbon footprints, but some still prefer to cut their own tree as part of their family tradition. Be aware of the law before you go out cutting your tree. Before you cut a Christmas tree on crown land, you need a permit from your natural resource district, signed by the district manager. If this is your plan, see the BC government website for more information on Christmas tree permits.
Christmas tree farms are a convenient way to find your tree, and means that we don’t intrude on nature by cutting healthy young trees that could benefit wildlife as they mature. By supporting local tree farms, we also support our local economies and the entrepreneurs that make it happen. Artificial trees are an option and can be stored for future use, but before you buy, check the recycling compatibility of your particular product. There is a great article on artificial versus natural trees titled “The Great Christmas Tree Debate” on the RCBC (Recycling Council of British Columbia) site if you want to discover more information on this topic.

Pine Cones in Christmas Mythology

Whatever type of tree you choose to celebrate the season, spruce and cedar garlands, wreaths and pine cones also play their part in decorating and Christmas mythology. Fresh garlands provide that wonderful seasonal scent that smells fresh and woody. Pine cones are said to produce good luck to those who decorate their homes with them, whether strung across the mantle, or hung on a Christmas tree branch after treatments with ribbon and gold or silver paint.

Twin Rivers Tree Service & Landscaping

Whatever your choice to celebrate the season, we wish you and your family all the best. We continue to serve our community with tree services, including consultations for up-and-coming landscape and site development plans. We are available throughout the holidays for emergency tree services if storms damage your trees. Call us with your questions and plans for new projects, or general tree maintenance in Kamloops and the Lower Mainland.